It is the KIDDIES farm where mom and dad can relax and recharge. Formal entertainment is focused on exposing children to nature and life on a farm. The "travelin tubs" (bush Jacuzzi) also provide lots of fun. Kids love playing in the hot water and sometimes even skip the evening bath as the tubs are filled with tap water. Adults can sooth away the stress while enjoying a glass of wine in a hot tub, under the stars.

The rate for kids includes all the following activities:

Feeding of orphan lambs or calves where we supply the formula and bottles. Depending on the age of the kids and the orphan animals, they can take full responsibility for the orphan animals and prepare the bottles themselves.

Feeding of chickens and egg hunting once a day. We supply the feed and the kids may collect the eggs.

Feeding the donkey with apples and carrots. We will supervise their first encounter, but thereafter they can do it as often as they like. The donkey may also be brushed, with supervision.

Walking and driving around on their bicycles all over the farm.

Angling at the dams or throwing stones in the dam

Downloadable Activities for the kids